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Who recalls the #thisgirlcan campaign which swept the nation with force. This Girl Can has inspired ladies to wiggle and giggle and prove that there is no barrier that cannot be overcome in the pursuit of exercise. Their motivational adverts are getting ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes off their feet all over the country and inspiring them to get active.

It’s always been our passion to motivate our clients to get active, and we are here to help you in any way we can. Women too often let other people’s opinions determine their self worth. Exercise is such an amazing tool to take back your power!! Let us help you get that confidence back!

If you would like to find out more about getting active in your local area go to http://www.thisgirlcan.co.uk/

Or If you have an injury that’s preventing you getting back to sport call us now on 01553 392032. Or Book Online at www.precisionphysio.co.uk/book-online

Sport England is the main body behind this advertising campaign. They are investing over 1 billion pounds into this project. They are committed to increasing the number of individuals who exercise and play sports regularly, and are particularly focusing on getting more 14-25 year olds to take part. Creating a habit early can help to keep a habit for a lifetime.

Current statistics show only 15 million people actively take part in sport once a week. Let’s be a part of helping Sport England increase this number.


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