Pelvic Core Online 6 Week Course

A 6 week course, to help you rebuild your pelvic floor and core stability muscles " Pelvic Core"! Including advice, educational and exercise videos and much much more.

Who needs it?

Do you?

2 out of 3 Women experience some urinary incontinence after childbirth. For many this never goes away. Our 6 week course will give you the knowledge to realize that it doesn't have to be this way, and tools to get yourself feeling confident again.

Pelvic Power Movement Community

Information for All

A Place to come together to discuss our common issues and how we can overcome them in a society where it has become the norm to leak when we sneeze and cough, jump or run. Lets show them it doesnt have to be this way!



Tanya, Somerset, UK

I highly recommend the 6 Week Pelvic Floor Course. I have been looking for so long for some motivation to improve my pelvic floor and have hope of going for a run!
Esther is fab, the course is full of simple exercises that I can easily add into my busy working day (and around the children!) I had no idea of all the extras I would learn along the way with this course. I now understand how important all my muscles (and breathing!) could be and feel so much more motivated to carry out the exercises and increase my overall body strength. Esther is so great in the videos, they are easy to follow and with constant support, no question is too silly to ask. Thanks Esther I am feeling so much more healthy now!


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